rental real estateShould I buy or rent now?

 Should I buy or rent? I love to study real estate trends and to learn as much as I can about property. I personally have own ed rental property for years but I’m always looking to expand my knowledge.

For those who might be purchasing a rental property in the near future, you want to be as informed as possible. Buying a place isn’t like buying a case of beer. Yet we put in more thought into the case of beer sometimes.

Should you buy or rent a place when you’re making good money?

 Once you start making good — and hopefully this happens to everyone reading this, you’re going to be debating the idea of buying a place. Instead of giving you a yes or no answer, I wanted to share some tools that will help you make up your own mind.

What tools can help you when deciding to buy or rent?

This is the best time to be alive. There are literally tools for everything. You can figure anything out for free without even getting out of bed. There are two key tools that should help you decide if you should be buying or renting.

Credit score

Why should you care about your credit score in your 20s?

 Your credit score affects your pocket.

  • Important when finding a place to rent because many landlords will ask for this.
  • Crucial when trying to get a home mortgage.
  • Most employers ask for your credit score.
  • Simply put: money! You can save a few bucks on coffee or you can save INSANE amounts of money by building up your credit score.

 Now that you know why your credit score is important, how do you even figure out what your credit score is? The answer is below.

A cool way to find out your credit score right now is…

Credit Sesame, a tool where you can check your monthly credit score for free.

Why should you sign up with Credit Sesame? You’ll know where your stand with your credit score. If you want to apply for a home mortgage or even finance a car in the near future, you’re going to want to know what your credit is like. You don’t want to be hit with an unpleasant surprise when you find out your credit score sucks and that dream home is nothing but a dream.

They email you updates to your credit score. Whenever your score changes you get notified via email in case you totally forget about your credit score while having a life (you better have a life!).

How can you
improve your credit score so that you can find a place to live?


  • Pay down debt.
  • Fix errors on your credit report.
  • Make your payments on time- always!
  • Repeat.


Fixing your credit score is sort of like dealing with a hangover. You screwed yourself over. Now you have to get out of this mess. You have nobody to blame but yourself. The good news is that the damage is by no means permanent.

Contact me if you would like any assistance.

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