Real Estate Mastery Mentorship Outline

Real Estate Mastery Mentorship

Profit In Real Estate through Education and Opportunities

Participate in the Real Estate Mastery Mentorship and make money. Train twice per week with 2 or often 3 real estate investment veterans with a combined 65 years of experience who will hold your hand as you develop your business, your confidence and most importantly your bank account.  Experience accelerated learning and career progress with 2 weekly sessions that immediately involve you in existing deals, giving you street smart, practical, directly applicable learning as well as opportunity to make money.

What Do You Get?

  • One year plus of  live Q & A calls and  live training webinars per week with 2 or 3 real estate veterans
  • Many ZERO down real estate opportunities to participate in yourself or make money through the investor network you will learn to create
  • Direct access to your real estate mentors during business hours to help you in a deal
  • Free membership to the Real Estate Joint Venture Club giving you access to special member deals
  • Access to a network of investors to buy your deals or Joint Venture with you
  • Access to lenders to fund your deals
  • Access to real estate professionals to assist you in any facet of your deal

What Will You Learn?

  • Creating foundational systems and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)  for all aspects of your business
  • How and where to find deals and analyze them for profitability
  • How to find buyers/investors and how to present deals to them
  • Creating a network and building a success system
  • Contracts, clauses, negotiating and deal strategies
  • Creating successful Joint Ventures
  • Building a Bird dog network to increase your deal flow
  • Understanding how to structure residential and commercial deals

Benefits to the Real Estate Mastery Mentorship:

  • Access to a vast investor network to sell your deals to fast and put money in your pocket
  • Continuous opportunities to make money participating in great deals…and learning at the same time
  • Every student is compelled to accomplish the weekly tasks which fast tracks each student in creating a solid business and deal network
  • Ease in creating a large real estate portfolio
  • Students have access to your mentors to ask questions or to help analyze or negotiate a deal.
  • Convenience of being at home

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Real Estate Mastery Mentorship Outline

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