Three Secrets of Real Estate Marketing

As a full-time real estate investor, advertising is the key to generating more business. We need to be doing real estate deals of all kinds, big or small, in order to build our portfolios and keep money coming in.

As investors, most of us typically are waiting for the big deal. Sadly, for most investors,  the really big deals happen infrequently which is normal. The smaller deals happen much more regularly, and you can make a very, very nice living profiting from the small deals.

As we know, big deals take a much longer time to close due to the need for proper due diligence and securing appropriate financing  – the whole process can be lengthy and exhausting and can also have a tendency to fall apart. That’s why we need to keep the smaller deals going while working on the big ones.

So how do we drive business to us?

We have the three secrets of real estate marketing

1.            Advertise continuously.

2.            Advertise everywhere.

3.            Have your slogans say the right thing that will encourage people to call the number of the ad.

So, advertising all the time? How do we do that?


We have spoken in previous articles about bandit signs, magnetic signs, and networking. But advertising in different mediums is something that we need to do on a regular basis.

Internet advertising (when used properly) can be very effective. Kijiji, Craigslist and the like are excellent sources of free advertising. Once you get to understand the tricks to be able to utilize Kijiji and Craigslist on a regular basis, you will be able to increase your exposure: not just to your community, but nationally and even internationally.

If I were to say one thing about internet advertising, it is that advertising online is something that you can and must do continuously. It takes a lot of cutting and pasting, can be very tedious, and, as in any entrepreneurial job, there is discipline involved. If you are able to set aside a specific amount of time daily or weekly, you will be successful.

The most popular products in the market  today are those that are typically advertised on a regular basis. You see their advertisements on billboards, on television, in the newspaper, on all kinds of media. So why can’t we do the same?

Obviously as an entrepreneur, we want to advertise as inexpensively as possible (free is the best!). And that is why internet marketing is such an excellent way to advertise!

The second secret of real estate marketing is to understand who it is you are marketing to. Typically we are marketing to people who are looking to sell quickly, or looking to get out of a stressful financial situation.

If we consider the target of our advertisement, and put ourselves in their shoes, where would they be going for help?

Let’s target someone who happens to be in a financial situation. They may be going to more inexpensive grocery stores. They may be going to money marts where they can get quick loans and cash pay-cheques quickly, sell goods in pawn shops, etc.

We must put ourselves in the mindsets of these people so we can place our ads accordingly, and have smaller signs that we can put up in these areas that will attract business to us.

The third secret is what content do we utilize? Again, we must think “who are we targeting?” So typically, my signs will say:

“I buy properties quickly”

“I can close fast”

“ Non qualifying mortgage loans available if you are behind on your mortgage payments” etc.

Of course, you need to have your strategies and financing in place to be able to make good on what you are offering. We will get more into that in future articles!


Three Secrets of Real Estate Marketing

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