Buy Fix & Profit Training

Learn the “nuts & bolts” of the buy – fix & profit process.

There are at least 10 areas where people typically lose money in a renovation/flip project.



1. Not pricing the renovation accurately
2. Poorly negotiating the purchase price
3. Not renovating the areas which give the highest returns
4. Hiring the wrong contractor
5. Poor project management
6. Picking the wrong type of property
7. Not marketing the property effectively
8. Not anticipating or accounting for the unexpected
9. Not having a plan B
10. Not having adequate financial sources
If you know how to price out a renovation in minutes, wouldn’t you be able to write offers more quickly and therefore capture more deals?
Secondly; if you know how to properly hire a contractor and be confidently in control throughout the project, wouldn’t you make more money?
Thirdly; if you had cash and financing to help with every project, what would stop you from finding as many properties as you could?
This program offers every aspect of the buy – fix – sell process to allow you to become a master.

Never get burned by a contractor again!


You make the most money when you accurately price out the project, negotiate well and control your contractor & crew.






This unique training is available live and is available online with over 20 hours of videos outlining every detail. You will learn:

•Finding the right property
• Financing , Down payments & Renovation
•Hiring a contractor
• Successful Negotiation
•Writing Contracts (for purchase & for contractor)
•Project Management A-Z
•Insurance – what, how much & who?
•Pricing a job (for initial purchase)
•What to fix, what to not
•Pricing the renovation in minutes
•Managing the contractor and crew
•Zoning/permits/dealing with Municipality
• Subdividing lots
• Marketing Strategies
•Structuring a JV
•Alternate exit Strategies
& MUCH more!
This training is available on its own or as part of the “5 Years to a Million” program.
To see when & where the live trainings are held, please go to
Register below for the next training in your area.

Purchase the Buy – Fix & Profit online training with over 20 hours of detailed videos.
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