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Real Estate Business Building

Building a Real Estate Business slowly and methodically has been proven to be the most successful process to become wealthy in real estate. Conversely, being a real estate ‘dabbler’ and expecting to ‘get rich quick’ has been proven to be considerably less effective.

The Real Estate Essentials Business Building program advocates a ‘get rich slowly’ methodology which is much more realistic. In this program, people learn how to build a successful business which in turn allows them to retire sooner and grow a portfolio that generates consistent income, equity and tax advantages.

Real Estate Essentials Business Building program has been designed as a practical step by step way for you to build a legitimate real estate business. Each module assigns tasks which gets you out in the field using the information just learned. This accomplishes 2 things:

1. You internalize the information by practically implementing it immediately
2. By implementing the information, you are systematically building your business, step by step

This program builds your skills as a real estate entrepreneur, as a business person, communicator, visionary and ultimately a mentor.

Real Estate Essentials Business Training

The world of real estate investing for most people is extremely limiting. Purchasing 1, 2 or maybe 3
rental properties based on the individual’s downpayment and mortgage qualification capabilities. Of
course then comes the joy of dealing with endless tenant issues for the term of your ownership.

There MUST be a better way!          Well…Yes, there is. 🙂

The Real Estate Essentials Business Training is all about knowledge and leverage. Let me explain.

The unnecessarily expensive weekend seminar model proclaims to create sufficiently trained real estate

investors through their typical fire hose of insufficient information. The fact is:

a) People absorb information differently. The lecture style of teaching is one of the least efficient

method of transferring information.

b) It is absolutely impossible to teach people all there is to know about the business of real estate

through weekend seminars, period!

c) The success rate for most individuals to complete at least one deal after participating in the

weekend real estate seminar model is less than 1%. Once you are out of the course, you are on

your own to make the big decisions.

d) The weekend seminar model is typically so expensive, the result is often counterintuitive. The

individual, who has been instructed to go buy property can’t often mortgage qualify as a result

of lack of capital (paid for the seminar) or too much credit card debt (through paying for the

seminar) and therefore becomes handcuffed and therefore does nothing.

Real Estate Training Club Real Estate Essentials Solutions:

a) The Real Estate Essentials Business Training (REEBT) has been designed as an online training

program which allows people to get digestible portions of information, then business building

assignments using the information just learned, which in turn results in building the business

one step at a time…people learn best by doing.

b) All of our topics are about how to apply business strategies, methodologies and practices to the

business of real estate and has been designed for the person who desires to grow a healthy real

estate portfolio by providing the systematic steps necessary to create a true business which

goes way beyond owning 1, 2 or 3 real estate properties, but creating a profitable real estate

business which enables significant portfolio growth and runs essentially like a franchise.

c) Wouldn’t it be good to have a second or third pair of eyes on every deal you had before

you pulled the trigger…that was as concerned about every purchase, every tenant, every

person you hire as you are? We maintain ongoing support for up to 5 years!

d) The REEBT has a price point which allows any individual who mortgage qualifies prior to the

program to not be affected after the training.

The REEBT provides the essential knowledge, strategies and business practices of the real estate

business as the foundational requirements for real estate entrepreneur.

As a real estate entrepreneur, investing your money for a cash on cash return and equity growth on

the commodity called real estate is the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to this real estate

business…much, much more. You will understand the entire business determine more profit centers

and streams of income and have the ability to create a virtual unlimited portfolio without having to

rely on your own cash or credit. You will utilize business methods just like a true business owner.

By understanding all facets of your business, you will naturally see and seize more opportunities

than the average real estate investor, because we will be looking to grow your business in a

systematic way…again, like a franchise.

The training is designed to take up to a year. You will have the knowledge, your team, the strategies

and systems in place, local knowledge and the confidence to do deal after deal.

Here’s a very brief overview:

1. Business Principals

2. Setting up Your Business

3. The Language of Real Estate

4. Property Analysis

5. Real Estate Cycle

6. Building Your Team of Experts

7. Finding & Qualifying Joint Venture Partners

8. Profit Sharing deals

9. Finance/Mortgage Qualifying & Lending

10. Finding Deals/Marketing Strategies

11. Writing Offers & Understanding Contracts

12. Negotiating

13. Real Estate Strategies & More strategies

14. Foreclosures/Power of Sales

15. Business Structure

16. Taxation & Bookkeeping

17. Portfolio/Tenant Management

18. Buy – Fix – Sell

19. Real Estate Business Plan Writing

20. Selling Properties

21. Becoming a Lender/RRSP Mortgages

22. Mortgage Underwriting

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