Joint Venture/Business Plan/Raising Capital Mastery Training

Real Estate Business Plan

Joint Venture/Business Plan/Raising Capital Mastery Training

 Joint Venture/Business Plan/Raising Capital  Mastery Training


Every Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur runs out of capital eventually. It is not a matter of ‘if’, it is a matter of when. At this point, (which for most people is after 1 or 2 properties) their dreams of amassing a huge portfolio of income producing properties is over.

98% of Businesses That Have Business Plans Succeed. Do You Have One?

95% of Businesses Without A Business Plan Fail…Do You Want That To Be Your Business?

The Joint Venture Mastery program is a professional training system designed for everyday real estate investors like you, to take their business to the next level by offering the tools necessary to create a real estate portfolio with cash flow and equity, using your strategic business plan.

The value you will receive in this training:

  • Understand how to communicate your vision and mission so it becomes reality
  • Use key words so investors say ‘yes’ to your first statement
  • Step by step research so that your reality becomes money
  • Strategic alliances & partnerships- trade, barter and cash!
  • The “How To’s” in operating a real estate business from 1 – 100 units
  • How to use contracts and agreements to secure accountability in your operation
  • Understand how to spend money using practical exercises in real estate
  • Understand your marketplace and its profit potential
  • Instinctively identify good deals in your area and how to profit from them
  • How to speak confidently about your business with anyone
  • How to surround yourself with the best team members
  • Think and operate like a business owner
  • Become a complete real estate expert in any area of your choosing
  • Determine your profits today, next year and beyond
  • Know when will be the best time to sell a property
  • How to get high net worth individuals to put up ALL the money for your deals

You will also receive:

  • Joint Venture Agreement template
  • A step by step guide to creating a Real Estate Business Plan
  • A ‘fill in the blanks’ real estate business plan template
  • A bonus guide to presenting your business to high net worth individuals
  • A cashflow projection worksheet
  • A Joint Venture Agreement Checklist

Joint Venture Mastery Training


  • Created and presented by a long term Real Estate professional who shares experience and key insights
  • Vetted and used by many other successful Real Estate professionals to create their multi- million dollar portfolios
  • Presented in a step by step process to systematically build your real estate business
  • Hands on system to become a real estate expert and real estate business owner
  • Take possession of the tools to raise capital for all your property acquisitions
  • Includes a ‘fill In the blanks’ Real Estate Business Plan template
  • Includes a Joint Venture Contract template and a checklist in which to create all your JVs


  • You can choose your own education tempo for the training
  • The program will help you think through every aspect of your business, making it more solid, viable and profitable
  • Focus more ‘on’ your business, not ‘in’ your business using the tools provided
  • Your completed Real Estate Business Plan will be your ticket to raise capital for your deals
  • Identify the best real estate deals available
  • Because you become a local Real Estate expert, you will be able to answer any question from any potential JV partner with confidence
  • Easy ‘fill In the blanks’ Real Estate Business Plan template
  • Accountability and follow up in your progress


  • Generate income and equity from real estate using your strategic business plan
  • Feel confident and able in the growth and success of your business with a joint venture team
  • Be self – assured in speaking with anyone about your business strategy and plan
  • Become part of the 20% of businesses that last more than 5 years
  • Build ‘how to’ and then ‘do’ case studies

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