Does Your Strata Manager Make or COST You Money?

It is a fact that the level of experience of your individual Strata Manager coupled with the attitude of the Strata Management Company they work for can determine your financial fate.

The current 3 tier business model most Strata Management Companies use today creates exceptionally large overhead for the Strata Management Company. This large overhead, which encompasses paying owners/partners and shareholders, fancy office rentals, huge middle management and administration costs etc., comes directly out of the pocket of the Strata Owners from their strata fees.

The other major victim in this management model is your individual Strata Manager, who’s income is negatively influenced by this 3 tier model. The Strata Manager, because of their ‘income split’ with their Strata Management Company, is forced to take on more and more buildings just to make a modest income. The direct result from this model is poorer and poorer service to you, the client.

Have ever wondered why your Strata Manager:

  • doesn’t return phone calls?
  • isn’t at all your council meetings?
  • takes too long to get tasks done (if at all)?
  • isn’t communicating with owners?
  • takes unsatisfactory amounts of time to respond to emergencies?
  • doesn’t follow up with contractors or insurance claims?
  • isn’t getting you reports or records in a timely manner?
  • doesn’t do anything extra?

What is the result? When things are being overlooked and falling through the cracks in your Strata Corporation’s business, your whole complex suffers. Depending on the lack of attention, your complex may suffer in terms of overpaying for services or not being provided timely service for major items, all which ultimately cost the owners more money.

Another facet of poor management may affect the overall desirability of your complex from potential buyers. If desirability for your complex goes down, sellers in your complex must lower their price in order to sell, which in turn lowers all the prices within the complex. This can end up costing the owners lots more money.

We have found the answer! Our business model helps owners make money! 

How do we accomplish this?

In the end, your Strata Manager is the backbone of your complex. When your Strata Manager is able to manage your complex properly and efficiently, all your owners benefit on multiple levels. Proper budgeting, asset management programs, having up to date financials, forms and minutes leads to a successfully run Strata Corporation. This positively affects desirability, which positively affects unit value, which in the end, makes owners more money.

For us, it all begins with providing our Strata Managers a better work/life balance so they are free to do the job they are qualified to do….providing exceptional service to you, the client. This means less buildings for them to manage and major support from us, the Company. This means higher wages for the property manager, more value for the client and in the end, everybody wins.

How do we provide this? It begins with low overhead. No fancy offices, minimum administration and middle management as we implement cost and time saving software solutions. We only hire experienced Strata Managers who don’t need regional managers to supervise them. This lean business model means we can share more with our Strata Managers.

What does this mean for you, the client? Personalized, efficient and superior service which results in a well – run complex, which results in your owners making more money.

If you’d like more info, to find out about training/coaching or to learn about how you can participate in cash flow real estate which provide above average returns, schedule a free 15 minute call by filling out the form below. And we assure you, no pressure or sales will accompany the call. 🙂   Look forward to speaking with you!

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