Buying U.S. Real Estate for Canadians

Buying U.S. Real Estate for Canadians
Considering the current disparity in prices and values between the U.S. and Canadian properties, many Canadian investors have been acting upon this huge “buy low” signal. This is a time when a mere downpayment on an investment property in any major Canadian city can buy one, two or more cash flowing properties in the US that have the potential to double or triple in value in a few short years. So why are so many Canadian investors so reluctant to get involved?

It’s simple…it all comes down to fear of the unknown. Lack of knowledge, fear of double taxation, the notion there is no financing available and having no one ‘on the ground’ that Canadians can trust with their purchases is a huge deterrent. However, we have solutions for all this and more…much, much more.

Let me ask you a question. If you had the knowledge of how to find deals in most profitable cities for real estate in the US, the capability to get financing, people on the ground that you could trust to help find you more deals, manage the process and your properties AND you had a structure in place that dealt with the taxation/legal issues, would you move forward?

If you said yes then check out more here.

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