I was very impressed with the knowledge that  Gord had with investing in real estate here in Canada and also for Canadian investors investing in properties in the US. It has helped me immensely in my own investing. I found that Gord helped clear up a lot of the misinformation that had been given by other teachers I have heard because some of the things that we were being taught didn’t  apply to us as Canadians. Having Gord [at that event] was priceless. Thanks.   –  Eugene Shostak– Edmonton

Gord Lemon is great teacher. He really knows what he is talking about. I am very thankful that we had a Canadian teacher like Gord that we could talk to because the rules are a bit different here than across the 49th, so that way we got  the Canadian way. He was great.

He also knew lots about real estate. You could go up to him anytime and ask him a question and he answer it. He was a really down to earth guy and lots of fun to be with. He was different [than other real estate teachers] because we could call or email him whenever we had more qustions so I have really enjoyed getting to know him a bit.       –  Rey Kornelsen – AB

I found Gord to be very friendly, knowledgeable, approachable, and down to earth.  His 20 plus years investing in both Canadian as well as U.S. real estate is sure an asset to both us the students. The bonus of having a Canadian presence at the bootcamp was that he was able to correct the U.S. based instructors when they offered information that wasn’t necessarily correct or true for canadian investors in which he had to do a number of times.  Gord was very professional and a pleasure to get to know.        –  Shane Opp – Edmonton

I recently attended a real estate seminar in Toronto.  Gord Lemon was one of the teachers/speakers and we all agreed that he did a phenomenal job.We especially appreciated that he was well informed about both the Canadian and U.S. markets.  He is obviously an investor and his expertise was very much appreciated.  His input made the seminar worth attending.        – Mark Pereira – New Market ON

“The added insight of Gord Lemon was truly inspiring. Having a Canadian mentor was invaluable to the learning process.
His Canadian experience drove home the strategies and  principles in a way, second to none. He is truly a mentor with knowledge, experience, and a desire to help his students. For me, Gord was the highlight of my education, and someone I strive to aspire to in my real estate investments”.         –  Marty Bowman – Mississauga

I found that Gords information was very helpful because it pertained to Canada and Canadian laws. Gord is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate. He is a very easy individual to interact with. I would not hesitate to attend another event where Gord is a speaker.

Darlene Cherniwchan- Edmonton

Gord Lemon is a sincere, honest and a great teacher. Mr. Lemon was very informative he did not go to the grey areas. Mr. Lemon kept his presentation very black and white, very easy to understand and answered all the questions actually in an orderly manner. I was very excited and looking forward to working with Mr. Lemon. –  Winston Rice- Calgary AB

I would like to Thank You for all that you have taught me at the seminar in Edmonton. You were a great teacher as I did learn more that weekend than at any other seminars I have attended. It was very enjoyable and very helpful!  It was a lot more informative having a Canadian teaching as you knew more about investing in Canada and also in the U.S. to help Canadians! I would not hesitate to see you again if you were in my area! You are a great teacher and I am very happy that I had a chance to meet you! Thank you again for all you taught me!
Take care and all the best to you!      – Collette Moisan- Edmonton AB

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