Gord’s Bio

Hey everyone. It is my intention to sincerely assist anyone looking to gain knowledge in real estate investing, find deals on properties in either Canada or the US and to encourage people to build a legitimate Real Estate Business and not be a real estate ‘dabbler.’ I hope investors will use this site as a means to accomplish their real estate and financial goals .

So, here’s my (brief) story …I began my professional career as a “schooled” musician having gone to 2 colleges and 1 University for Jazz performance, arranging and composition. For the next 28+ years or so, I was busy studio and live musician as well as a record producer, songwriter, arranger and composer.

 During this time, to satisfy my “left brain” desires and assist my bank account, I decided early on to purchase my first investment property. Although I couldn’t get a mortgage on that property in order to hold and rent the property (my initial exit strategy), I ended up flipping that property at closing to another buyer and pocketing over $40,000! After doing this a couple more times successfully I got caught in the housing crash of 1989. I ended up losing a large chunk of money and became aware I was not really an investor per say, but relegated to the position of  a“speculator” or gambler as my potential profits were solely based on appreciation…which was clearly out of my control.

Once I dusted myself off after the shock of that ordeal, I got some investor training from a US based company, (all that was available at the time) and immediately went out and used the information for my next purchases, acquiring a number of rental properties in south western Ontario.

Over the next while I immersed myself in learning as much I could about Canadian real estate law and finance by doing different types of deals. I also managed to get a real estate license in there as well but only lasted a week in an office…it just wasn’t my thing at the time…after all, I was still a musician.

I then moved into the teaching aspect of the business, training and mentoring real estate investors to become successful and helping them avoid alot of the stupid mistakes I made. I still enjoy teaching people either in class or in the field and offer training in all aspects. See Retire Early Through Real Estate.

Along the way, I became a mortgage broker and learned the true secrets the bank doesn’t want ANYONE to know. Why? Because the bank makes money from you paying interest (from money they lent you that NEVER EXISTED except on paper) & never want you to pay off your mortgage. I teach people how to own their homes in a fraction of the time and save tens & even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

After investing for many years in Canada, I also began investing in the US. The recent real estate meltdown in the US has lead to some of the best opportunities we have seen (or may ever see) in our lifetime. I have been part of teaching Canadians the intricacies of how to purchase property in the US as well as the necessary knowledge needed when Canadians need to create a company structure there.

Another side of my life still remains in music as I continue to play and record, albeit on a much smaller scale, it is so nice to be able to continue to participate in playing music which remains a passion. My wife Kelita is a multi- Juno nominated singer/songwriter. We met years ago through music and have recorded alot of her original music together. You can check out her music at www.kelita.com.

We both have a heart for others and feel it necessary to do what we can to right some of the injustices in the world. A few years ago we went to Cambodia on a discovery mission as a result of Kelita seeing a program on the child sex trade there. She was touched by the program and shortly thereafter, we found ourselves there. We found it necessary to do what we could do, so we recorded a Christmas CD, a concert DVD and have been doing annual Christmas concerts in Toronto and Calgary with all proceeds going to help the rehabilitation of these poor children. We have raised over $250,000 to date and will continue the process. To find out more, you can visit www.ratanak.com.

I feel it is essential that we all use our God given talents, gifts, influence and our finances to positively affect those around us and maintain a purpose that is bigger than ourselves. To me, that is true success.

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