A Quick Guide to Inexpensive Rental Property Repairs

The worst thing you can do is get emotional when looking to fix up a rental property. You must remember… you are not living there. If you want to make money on your investment property, you must keep repairs logical and to a minimum. Since repairs are a necessity to attracting and maintaining quality tenants, it is also important to learn how to make these repairs on a limited budget.

Just like in selling, you want to make a good first impression. The first area a tenant will see is the entryway. Tiling the foyer with a few bright ceramic tiles can spice up the look of the entrance for a minimal cost.

Some other effective, inexpensive repairs can begin with replacing all switch plates. Swapping out old light fixtures ito LED lights also a very inexpensive way to make significant changes.

When trying to attract good tenants, interior doors are something a renter will notice. While changing the doors, be sure to also consider changing the handles as well. Older door handles can really make a place look drab. For a few dollars, you can easily replace old handles with brass or brushed metal handles.

Take a look at the existing trim. If it appears worn or cracked, it could be time to replace it. If it’s in reasonable shape, make sure you caulk all the cracks and spaces between the trim and the walls. This creates a really tight look to the floor and window trim. Painting walls woth a flat paint will hide a lot of imperfections that may be there.

Kitchens and bathrooms are very important areas. While it may not be practical to replace the cupboard doors, painting them with a semi gloss and replacing the knobs for more contemporary knobs like a brushed metal is a nice inexpensive touch which provides a more expensive look. You can also replace old taps (again with a brushed metal), sinks and toilets very inexpensively.

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