7 Tips on Showing Your Rental Property Effectively

It is safe to say, most rental property owners want to get the most rent possible from their rental units. It is as important to put your property’s best foot forward in selling as it is when you are renting. Curb appeal is as important to tenants as it is to buyers. Prospective tenants are put off by properties that have a dilapidated exterior. Even small rental properties can create a good first impression.

1. Repair issues should always be addressed prior to showing a property to prospective tenants. It is never a good idea to show a property which is still in the process of being repaired or renovated. Wait until the property has been completely fixed up before showing it.

2. Cleanliness is of utmost importance. There is nothing worse for making a bad impression on a prospective tenant than a filthy property. Above all, be certain that the carpeting is clean. Ideally, it is best to have the carpet professionally cleaned and allow plenty of time for the carpet to dry before you actually show the property to anyone. Never put off replacing worn carpet as this can cause problems in attracting quality tenants.

3. Get to know the best points of the property before you show it in order to point out its best features. Before you actually show the property, take time to look at it through the eyes of the renter. If there is something that catches your eye that appears negative, it will to the prospective tenant as well.
If the temperature outside is cold or hot, be sure to set the temperature inside the property so that it will be comfortable.

4. Generally, most people will not want to stay long in a property that is either too hot or cold. If the temperature is uncomfortable, there is a good chance that most prospective tenants will not stay around long enough to see the best features of the property.

5. Make sure that you turn on the lights before you show the property. This is particularly important if you are showing the property at night. If the property is not well lit, prospective tenants may wonder if you are trying to hide something. The few dollars you will spend on having all of the lights on during showings will often translate into attracting good quality tenants.

6. Do not hesitate to show off the exterior grounds and any good feature of the property. The key is to give prospective tenants an idea of what it is like to actually live there by showing off the grounds and perhaps something special in the immediate area.

7. Lastly, make sure you are prepared for all showings by having a rental application and a copy of the lease you use. You also need to have decided on if you are including any deposits for security, pets, keys or last month’s rent.

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