Social media gord lemonHow to Build a Digital Reputation When You Have No Time

As real estate entrepreneurs, we know the importance of building both a platform to advertise our real estate and strong digital reputation at the same time. These days, the Google search result for your name is equivalent to your resume. Building an on-line reputation can take alot of time, which is something a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have.

When you’re responsible for everything from finding investors to locating properties, to keeping all your sales funnels full and managing your existing properties, it can feel almost impossible to carve out the time necessary for branding yourself on-line. Don’t fret, it isn’t impossible.

Here are four ways you can do it — even when you have no extra time to spare.

Dictate ideas

Finding time to create your next blog post can be tough. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself a great writer? No problem. Here’s a solution: Dictate your ideas into the voice memo function of your smartphone. You can reel off your thoughts wherever or whenever inspiration strikes. This makes things easier because you’re not simply sitting and staring at a blank screen wondering what to write about. Once you’ve recorded your thoughts, you can have them transcribed by a service like Amazon’s ‘mechanical turk.’ This make it so much easier to edit and move around your own words, as opposed to creating new ideas from scratch.

Schedule your posts

Many people make social media content creation a full-time career, however, as a real estate  entrepreneur, you have other things to do — so utilize your time strategically. You can use a social-media tool like  to schedule your posts in advance for the week. BTW, Socialzing is like hoot-suite on steroids…you can have all your social media under one umbrella, you can do webinars, send texts, build landing pages and much more…it’s perfect for real estate entrepreneurs. You can easily determine which items you want to cross-post (i.e. a certain piece should go on both Twitter and LinkedIn but not Facebook) and which you may prefer to keep solely on one channel.


You’d never get anything done if you had to create fresh content all the time (although Socialzing gives you content to post). Instead, think about how you can re-purpose posts or articles you’ve already created using a different social channel. For instance, one blog post can be turned into at least five or ten tweets, if you excerpt different “pull quotes,” or interesting quotes you pull out to highlight along with a link to the piece. You can also record a one-minute video summarizing the best wisdom from an article or blog post, and share a behind-the-scenes picture of yourself recording the video via Instagram.

Outsource your writing

It is possible to hire ghost-writers to create blog posts or other content for you, however this method doesn’t really get your own voice heard. One variation which can be quite useful is to ask or  hire someone to interview you about your business. This can work if you can locate someone who’s a solid writer or perhaps hire a freelance writer through sites such as Elance or oDesk. They can provide you with a transcript of your conversation, and much like the transcript of your dictation, seeing your own words can often serve as a helpful prompt. Now, it’s not about “what should I write?” but instead, “how can I best organize my insights to help others?”

These methods can help build your voice in a loud world and build you up as a real estate expert.

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